Indie Escape Room Style Horror Game HOLLOW DOLL Announced

Indie Escape Room Style Horror Game HOLLOW DOLL Announced

While bigger games like all the wild stuff announced at the Video Game Awards may take our headlines most of the time, we do still cover indie games as well — especially when they look unique and exciting. Enter Hollow Doll, a first-person indie horror game from one-woman indie developer Eve Astra. Dipped in a fine coat of Ghost in the Shell meets Silent Hill, Hollow Doll already has my attention. Check out the trailer:

From the game’s public Discord server:
HOLLOW DOLL is a first-person “escape the room” experience with a character-driven narrative. Follow the lost doll as she journeys through liminal spaces, unlocks layers of the past world, and unravels surreal mysteries in her desperate escape. [This project is currently in development]
+ GAME FEATURES + • Lo-fi retro 3D aesthetic, invoking the best of the era but not beholden to its limitations • Complex 1st person environmental puzzle-solving • 2D anime character portrait dialogue and narrative delivery
Hollow Doll is part of a series of projects Astra has been working on, with a 2D horror game set in the same universe planned for some time after this title’s release. At the moment, Hollow Doll is aiming for a 2021 release on PC, but Astra hasn’t ruled out releasing it on consoles as well later down the road. We’ll keep you updated as more information is released.
Full disclosure: Eve Astra is a friend of the site, however, this will not factor into our coverage of the game.

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