Egyptian-Themed Forewarned Coming To Early Access Sept.10th

Screenshot from Forewarned showing a Mummy about to attack.

Not much has been said about the upcoming co-op survival game Forewarned since we spoke about it in March. Taking place in ancient Egyptian tombs, players are tasked with collecting treasures and relics, uncovering lore, and doing their best to not let any spooks get the better of them. Essentially, it can be described as Egypt’s answer to Phasmophobia. It even has VR support.

Now, some more information has come to light, and it looks as though Dreambyte’s game will be coming to early access through Steam on September 10th. There’s also a new gameplay trailer, which you can see at the bottom of this article.

We’re sort of in a golden age of co-op survival games at the moment. While Phasmophobia is probably the current king, especially in terms of ghost hunting games, Dead by Daylight is arguably toppling it to reign supreme. Forewarned seems to lean more towards the former, rather than the latter, with an emphasis on discovery, mystery, and supernatural horror, rather than a game of cat-and-mouse. Who knows how well it will do against the competition?

Here’s some of the features players can expect in Forewarned:

  • PC & VR Crossplay Supported: Play in PC mode, or play in VR mode for increased immersion with haptic feedback.
  • Positional Voice Chat: Strategize with your teammates with in-game voice chat.
  • Loot Collection System: Use your collected loot to upgrade your equipment and purchase more powerful tools.
  • Embrace the Curse of the Mejai: When you die, you will have the option to return as a servant of the Mejai. Will you hold on to a semblance of your former self and help the remaining survivors, or demonstrate loyalty to your new master?

The story focuses on the mythology of the area, in which “you feel obligated to investigate, as the historical and monetary value of such a discovery would be beyond your wildest dreams.” It all sounds pretty interesting. Let’s just hope it hasn’t missed the boat on first-person co-op survival games.

You can check out the new trailer for Forewarned below.

YouTube video

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