DEVOUR Studio Releases The Town DLC


A couple of months we announced that DEVOUR would be getting some more DLC, and now it’s finally out. The Town is a brand-new map that takes place in Mercy, an abandoned gold mining town that is now haunted by The Watchers of Azazel cult.

The game’s Steam page describes it thus:

In The Town, you’ll work together to eliminate the demon in control of Sam by locating ritual books, cursing them at pentagrams, then burning them at Mercy’s abandoned church. Think you have what it takes to reverse the ritual while trying to avoid the deadly grip of horrifying spirits and Sam’s varying attacks? Beware: he has good aim.

On top of that, developer Straight Back Games has implemented some new cult rank icons for those who wish to showcase their skills in DEVOUR. The ranks range from Harbinger (rank 100) all the way up to Azazel Incarnate (rank 666). There are also some new perks to the game, as well as four new robes that can be collected which players must grind for, and a new “paparazzi” outfit for Sam.

Last year, the studio released The Inn DLC, which seemed to go down well with the fans. With this new content, it seems evident that the team is eager to keep pushing out more ideas. With this latest patch, the developer has improved some aspects of the game, such as tweaking the webs in The Inn, adding a new outfit for Anna, as well as fixing some bugs.

Straight Back has also said that it’s currently “working hard” on the next map, with a potential release date for the next major update in September. You can check out the trailer for the new DEVOUR map The Town below.

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