‘Control’ World Trailer Shows Remedy's New Brand of Horror

‘Control’ World Trailer Shows Remedy’s New Brand of Horror

With the recent release of the Control “World Trailer” from Remedy Games, the hype train for their latest game rides into the new year offering more questions than answers. With gorgeous world design, limitless voids of possibilities in a sandbox style of gameplay, and a camera-style that continues to impress Control, looks like it will be one of the most visually arresting games of 2019. The color palette and desolation throughout is also used to great effect. The developers at Remedy clearly enjoy showing the dizzying nature of the building called The Oldest House, which breaks the laws of reality on the inside but looks like a nondescript building from the outside. There is a desolation on display here that shows the aftermath of a battle or a silent takeover.

The Control trailer also shows corridors that have no beginning or end. Plus, the continuously eerie parts that we’ve seen from previous game footage appears again as we witness blood splashed floors, the suspended floating agents weightless like the creepiest balloons, and a supernatural entity known as The Hiss. There is a red beam of discordant flashing or pulsating light that may herald the arrival of The Hiss or other supernatural phenomena, but this information still remains to be seen. There are also rooms inside the building where new dimensions begin, called thresholds, where entities enter our world and gravitate towards objects that hold sinister connotations or contain malevolent energy. Zachariah Trench, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, is our narrator during this journey through The Oldest House. He warns that we will encounter dangerous unknown forces and our mission is to find answers to a host of questions that will obviously unfold throughout the game.

I’ve been following this game’s progress since October of 2018 and Remedy Games continues to add layer upon layer to its mystery. This game’s setting is like if you were able to ensnare the Twilight Zone and lock it inside of a building, and I can’t wait to see what twists and turns they have waiting for us. Following their previous horror-thriller Alan Wake, this new title explores the exciting surreal sci-fi horror territory. Control has a planned release date of this year and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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