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Anna’s Songs – Nascence Announced for Next-Gen Consoles & PC

A sequel to the 2012 first-person psychological horror-adventure game Anna, has just been announced for PC and next-gen consoles, entitled Nascence. The announcement comes from Italian indie developer Dreampainters, who also shared that Nascence is the name of this first game in what is planned to be an anthology series, titled Anna’s Songs. This first game in the series is targeting a release later in 2020.

Similar to other horror anthology games that have come out in the last few years, like Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology and RG Crew’s Anthology of Fear, Anna’s Songs is set to feature multiple stories within the same universe, set in the same world as the original Anna game. The developer says Anna’s Songs will feature “a series of games that will explore the relationship we have with religions, organized and not” and will further expand the mythology of the world from Anna.

The plot of Nascence seems to already be tackling the material pretty directly, as they describe the plot of the game as follows:

You play as Thomas, sent by your organization to find the ashes of a woman named Anna, who was burned for witchcraft in the middle ages and whose death caused a religion to be formed. Your task is to eradicate any traces of that religion.

From everything they’ve described of this series so far, I can’t wait to experience it for myself as soon as possible. You can view the trailer below to get an idea of the visual themes Nascence will be showcasing, and get yourself ready for what sounds like a fascinating and shocking experience later this year.

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