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Anthology Of Fear is Three-in-One Psychological Horror

Anthology of Fear

Independent Polish studio RG Crew, in collaboration with Ultimate Games SA, will publish a new psychological horror game collection titled Anthology of Fear next year that promises to please fans of the genre’s latest and greatest titles.

Anthology of Fear is a first-person game that will present three unrelated stories that explore psychological horror from different perspectives. Each of these episodes will also have distinctive gameplay elements.

The director and chief designer of Anthology of Fear, Hubert Zatorski, made the following statement.

“Each of the three stories is different – of course there are also different characters, time periods, and so on. The player thus receives three smaller games in one. Each of them will provide different experiences. Our game will be diverse and ambiguous. It won’t be any problem for fans of the series Silent Hill and Outlast to find themselves in Anthology of Fear. The same goes for titles in the style of Layers of Fear, Alan Wake or evenHunt: Showdown

Regarding the content of their stories, it is said that the first episode will allow players to enjoy a story located in Siberia during the twentieth century, presenting elements of survival and hunting. The second episode will present a contemporary context in which alienation plays a significant role. Finally, the third episode has no concrete place or temporality and rather goes back to memories as a central theme.

Anthology of Fear will release during the first quarter of 2020 on PC via Steam and a few months later on Nintendo Switch.

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