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An Unannounced Resident Evil is Currently in Production

Not really a surprise, but it’s nice to know we can look forward to more soon.

During an interview posted on Capcom’s Japanese website, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 director Yasuhiro Anpo (along with Resident Evil 7‘s director, Kōshi Nakanishi) revealed that there’s a new Resident Evil title in development, something that is “something worthy praise”. According to Anpo:

“I can’t announce anything yet, but as of now, I’ve been developing a certain product, please look forward to it”

What’s really interesting is the context with which this was mentioned, as Nakanishi was talking about how Resident Evil 7‘s success has “managed to make it easier to develop/iterate on other elements of Resident Evil”. I’m curious to know what exactly this means- Resident Evil has worn many hats over the years, shifting from single player horror, co-operative online, and multiplayer action among other things. There isn’t really a way to accurately guess what kind of game Revelations 2‘s director could be working on. It’s very possible it’s simply Revelations 3, although it could also be a new IP, or even a return to some more of the franchise’s more action-heavy outings like Umbrella Corps (although I doubt that one is on their short list for a return) or even a “cliff-notes” game like the Chronicles series.

At the moment, Resident Evil does have quite a few upcoming releases, a current-gen port of Resident Evil: Revelations is slated for September, and (presumably) at some point before the end of the year there are two more pieces of DLC for Resident Evil 7 inbound (the free, action-focused, Not A Hero add-on which was delayed last month, and a third paid DLC focusing on hard-core horror). There is also the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake, which has yet to have a particularly informative update since it’s announcement two years ago. Another title thrown into the mix seems to line up with Capcom’s schedule with this franchise as of late. In the last three years alone, we’ve had almost ten separate releases from the franchise, with three of them being entirely new, so keeping the fire going with another entirely new title fits the bill.


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