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Not A Hero DLC For RE7 Officially Delayed Until Quality Can Be ‘Guaranteed’

Well, it finally happened.

After¬†some concern arose from fans about the state of Resident Evil 7‘s upcoming DLC Not A Hero, which stars ‘Redfield’, the Umbrella Corps. soldier from the game’s finale (who is still up for rather heated debate as to whether or not he’s the Redfield among fans), it looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit longer. It’s officially been delayed, announced at about 3:30am this morning via an incredibly solemn (like, seriously, I feel really bad for how incredibly guilty these dudes feel in this video- no need to beat yourselves up over it!) video update from the game’s director/producers.

Officially, it’s been delayed due to quality concerns. Apparently, in the state it is in currently, the team behind the main game felt that it did not meet the high expectations that have been set. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as a rumor from last month more or less predicted this right on the nose – stating that the DLC had been outsourced to another studio, and that the product they turned in was not up to Capcom’s standards.

It remains to be seen what changes Capcom will be making to the final DLC, whether it’s as simple as just polishing what’s there, or if they will be shifting its tone to closer match that of the original RE7 (the same rumor also pegged the DLC as being an action fest, complete with punching and steroid use). The DLC has sadly been delayed without a date, or even a window we may see it in, and they make a reference to the third Season Pass DLC requiring more¬†polish as well. Hopefully this doesn’t mean end of the year sort of long, but there’s no way of knowing.

I was really, really happy with Resident Evil 7, and if taking a bit more time can help the DLC become just as good? So be it. Like Miyamoto-san says, “A delayed game is good eventually, a rushed game is bad forever”, and that applies to DLC too.

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