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Alien MMO Could be Sega’s Gamescom Mystery Game

So earlier today we reported on Capcom’s presence at Gamescom, which will be part of a Livestream on the 19th. All very exciting stuff. They aren’t the only ones, of course — Bungie, EA, 2K, etc. will all be showing off something during the show. One of the other studios is Sega, who has a line up of games that will be at the conference, including Catherine: Full Body, Two Point Hospital, and that mini Genesis thing. HOWEVER, one title stands out among the others: a mystery game, which could be related to the Alien brand!

Unannounced AAA Title

Visitors will be treated to a first-hand look at an all-new AAA game that has yet to be revealed to the public.

Now, the general speculation from most people is that it’s a new Sonic title. The last real Sonic (not counting Team Sonic Racing, since it inhabits a different genre) was 2017’s Sonic Forces, which was sort of a pseudo-sequel to the beloved Sonic: Generations. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was a follow up to that (especially given how hard it went in on embracing everything Sonic, even the cringy stuff). Hell, it could even be a tie-in with the now twice-delayed Sonic The Hedgehog film (more’s the pity). However, there’s a chance it could be another Sega project we’ve been hearing about for a while now. Cold Iron Studios has been in the works with Sega and 2oth Century Disney to develop an Alien MMO. The last Alien related game was the mobile game Alien: Blackout, a (sigh) sequel to 2014’s Horror GOTY Alien: Isolation. I’m still not… sold on the idea of an MMO based on a license primarily about being locked in a dark room alone with a star beast, but hey. I’d argue there’s a chance this could be the mystery AAA game Sega is teasing here. The MMO was first revealed all the way back in January 2018, and Sega, Cold Iron, and Fox have been pretty mum since.

Either way, we’ll be covering the Gamescom stream, and if it is indeed an Alien game, we’ll let you know right away. Fingers crossed, even if an MMO is a bit of an out-there idea.


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