New Alien Game Announced But It’s Probably Not What You Were Expecting

It has been quite a while since the Alien franchise’s last big foray in the world of video games, as it has been three years since the critically successful Alien: Isolation. Given the development cycle of many games, it would make a lot of sense if the next big installment in the franchise were to be announced right about now.

Alien: Blackout takes place between Alien and Aliens and after the events of Alien: Isolation. Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, will return from Isolation as the game’s lead character. Gameplay details are limited, but we know that players will supposedly be maintaining their ship’s various emergency systems whiles guiding crew members away from xenomorphs.

Judging from the like to dislike ratio for the game’s trailer below, a mobile game isn’t exactly what many fans were hoping for, and I don’t particularly blame them. On the bright side, an MMO shooter set in the Alien universe is still in development by Cold Iron Studios, fingers crossed.

The game will release later this month, and players can pre-register on the App Store, Google Play, and the game will also release on the Amazon Appstore as well. You can check out the screenshots and trailer below.

YouTube video

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