WHAT YOU'VE MISSED - The ROH Weekly Update - Rely on Horror

WHAT YOU’VE MISSED – The ROH Weekly Update

Hello fellow gamers! Due to the lack of gaming news the past few weeks I decided to postpone the last few weekly updates, but now the ROH weekly update is back!

Here’s what you’ve missed:


Is the new VGA teaser another Resident Evil game?

Dead Rising Case West rises this December

Rejoice! Dead Nation getting Voice Chat

Tomb Raider to still go Survival Horror

Tomb Raider (2011) Details

Other News:

Castlevania Lord of Shadow ships 1 Million

Bioshock Infinite – All versions developed at Irrational Games

Resident Evil Magnum Bundle

Castlevania Harmony of Despair – New Characters Available

And you thought the plague was bad?

Black Ops Zombies giving you trouble?

Castlevania Lord of Shadow getting patched

Silent Hill Resin Statues

Donkey Kong invades USG Ishimura

Murder You Maker

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