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Rejoice: Dead Nation getting voice chat

There are many complaints about the lack of voice-chat in Dead Nation’s cooperative online mode. I mean, who doesn’t want to shout out obscenities and coordinate strategies in the midst of the zombie apocalypse? Thankfully, Housemarque has heard your complaints and now they’re aiming to bring voice-chat functionality to the game as soon as possible. Here’s what they had to say (via the Playstation Blog).

We know some of you are frustrated by the lack of voice chat support in Dead Nation’s online co-op mode. We realize many players have been very eager to join up and start taking care of the zombie nation and we greatly appreciate the continued support. Therefore, the team is currently working on the addition of voice chat capability and hope to introduce it as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we’re keen to get as much feedback on the game as possible so we can further improve what we think is a great zombie game. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted via the PlayStation.Blog and our Dead Nation Facebook page on when they can expect the voice chat update. We at Housemarque put our hearts and souls into the development of our games with the goal in mind to create thrilling gaming moments for players, so our hope is that everyone enjoys the finished product.

On that note, what are your favorite weapons so far? What upgrade path have you taken? Have you been able to conquer the Grim difficulty mode yet? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll have more to share with you soon about Dead Nation!


Housemarque Team


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