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Is the VGA Teaser Yet Another Resident Evil Game?

A few days ago we brought you a story regarding the hidden reveals of a potential new zombie game in a trailer for Spike’s Video Game Awards, happening December 11th.

It was hard to spot the near subliminal messaging, but if you look close enough at the video (or just look at the images we’ve provided…) you’ll find this.

Now compare that to this image, taken from a promotional t-shirt for Resident Evil.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence?  Perhaps there aren’t limitless images of generic zombies on the Internet?  Perhaps the vague biohazard symbol earlier in the video didn’t mean anything?  Who are we kidding, how did we miss this?!  Capcom has definitely stated that it’s going to be pushing out more titles from its big franchises, but if this is another Resident Evil game, that would make ‘three’ new Resident Evilgames on the horizon.  Could this be Resident Evil: Raccoon City?  The code-named title being worked on by SOCOM devs Slant Six?  The long-awaited return of the Outbreak series?  The PSA certainly would make you think so.

Thanks to for holding our hand and pointing it out for us.  Here’s hoping that even though the number of Resident Evil titles being pushed out is ever-increasing, that the quality remains the same (or even better for that matter…).  For the time being, we’re just going to be doing this at ourselves for a while….but we’re not entirely sure if we’re excited or worried.

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