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And you thought the Plague was bad

PlaystationUniversity has just released an article spotlighting 6 diseases in video games. We, as survival horror fans, could probably guess what’s going to be listed, but either way the article is a good read and it features everyone’s favorite Resident Evil virus, uroboros! (sarcasm…maybe?). Click here for the full article and check out an excerpt below.

When I think of the Resident Evil series, I think of the T-Virus that swept through the first couple of games. Remember, this is the virus that launched an entire genre of video games. But over the years, those games have become quite dated, and the slow, shuffling zombies of the PS1 era have lost some of their impact.

Or what about RE4’s Las Plagas? Again, I’ll have to pass, if only because, really, what’s left to write about RE4? Instead, let’s go with the co-op-bolstered HD carbon copy. Much like Las Plagas, the Uroboros in RE5 didn’t turn people into zombies, instead opting for giant mobs of murderous psychopaths whose heads turned into giant worms when you shot them.

Best of all, though, was that some of the death sequences in the game were damned entertaining to watch.

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