Dead Rising 1 vs Dead Rising 4 video shows why some series fans are upset

Dead Rising 4 may not be a hot button game anymore given its December release several weeks ago, but fans are still bitter about what’s become of the zombie series. One such fan, CrowbCat, has once again taken to their Youtube channel to show just why Dead Rising 4 is a disappointment for some.

In the 22 minute video, Dead Rising 4 is directly compared to the original game. It’s edited to show just how far the latest game has streamlined the elements that made the first stand out so much back in 2006. Simple things from zombie behavior, weapon options / features, and the level of interactivity with the environment is directly compared with clips from both games. Advanced gameplay mechanics such as the survivor system is also shown to have been drastically simplified. This is a common complaint about the game from fans: excessive streamlining.

In my review, I stated that while Dead Rising 4 is a good game, “in its pursuit to modernize the series, almost contemptuously rids it of some of its mainstays.” Overblown fan complaints are one thing, but it’s very clear that the latest Dead Rising game hardly “went back to its roots”. I’m not sure what we can expect from the series once Dead Rising 4 satisfies its season pass obligations, but I’m a little more than concerned about its future if it continues on this path. If you’re curious about the series and haven’t played any of the games yet, take a look at the video and consider jumping in with the first game. It’s still pretty darn great.

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