Resident Evil 5 11 articles

BSAA Emblem Locations

BSAA Emblem Locations

Emblem 1: Chapter 1-2 Difficulty: 2 | Location: Urban District On the exterior wall of a house just outside the map. It’s located on the south side of the map.  Enter the southern-most house on the map and climb up to the south-side balcony.  Face south and take a look to the left, you should […]

Resident Evil 5 Characters

CHRIS REDFIELD One of the Original Eleven co-founders of the BSAA. Chris’s knowledge, instinct and attack power are unparalleled within the BSAA, and years of experience has given him the ability to weild a variety of weapons. Since Umbrella’s downfall, he has fought several biological threats throughout the world, but with the the hard fought […]

Resident Evil 5 Enemies

MAJINI (ALL FORMS) Humans that are infected with the virus. Can be seen anywhere in the game. They can be heared if Chris and Sheva make a loud noise. They can wield farm tools flame crossbows, spears, electric rods that will shock Chris and Sheva. Expect anything when encountering the Majini’s. Origin: Human | Attack: […]

Resident Evil 5 Achievement/Trophy List

The following is a list of Achievements/Trophies for Resident Evil 5 and how to get them.  This excludes those you get for completing levels. Recruit–Complete every chapter on the Amateur difficulty Soldier–Complete every chapter on the Normal difficulty Veteran–Complete every chapter on the Veteran difficulty War Hero–Complete every chapter on the unlockable Professional difficulty Egg […]