Resident Evil 5 Weapons

In Resident Evil 5, Chris and Sheva will be facing up against the toughest enemies the series has seen. RoH would like to entrust you with some sound words of advice that will definitely help you get along in Resident Evil 5: Shoot fast, shoot first, and never bring a knife to a gunfight.

Combat Knife

Combat Knife Primarily, the knife will see most action when used to either open containers or as part of a Partner Assist move.  It’s no longer an effective weapon for extended combat, but it can be used as a last resort if you’re suddenly out of ammo and facing a head-sucking grapple from a Majini.  In co-op mode, both players can try working together to exploit the recoil time from a knife swipe.  If they take quick blows in turn, a single Majini will be effectively caught and unable to escape or retaliate.  Working together like this is also a way to set hand-to-hand attacks and chains.

Daring players can also attempt to use a knife swipe to deflect thrown weapons, spears, or even flaming bow-gun arrows.  If you can get close to a Molotov throwing Majini, repeated swipes will stop them getting off any more attacks.

Firepower: NA| Magazine Capacity: NA

Beretta M92F

Beretta M92F An automatic pistol makes a sound workhorse weapon, whether you’re tackling Majini villagers, triggering switches and gas dump explosions or simply taking pot-shots at Rats for the chance of cash.  Your initial pistol capitalizes on ammo availability with cheap and generous Capacity upgrades that mean you can eventually carry the equivalent of two inventory slots within it.

The special gift of the M92F is its 3-star Critical % Hit upgrade.  Buy each one as soon as you can afford it and focus on aiming at heads as an instant kill will save on bullets, time and injury.

3 Star Critical Percentage Hit x3
Firepower: 150 default, 250 max | Magazine Capacity: 13 default, 100(max)

H&K P8

H&K P8 The initially low Firepower stat will overtake that of the M92F in time, but to focus on that would be to miss the (hollow) point in short.  This pistol can rapidly be upgraded to achieve significant Piercing damage potential.  This special feature makes the H&K P8 a hole-punching wonder against lightly armored foes, and also serves as good crowd-control support for a partner with a shotgun.  The key tactic is to pick a skew-line through two or three Majini so that a single buillet sends all of them reeling at once.

It’s not an essentially great weapon until it’s half-modified, however, so you should hold off purchasing this weapon until you can afford Piercing and Firepower upgrades in the region of 50,000.

Piercing x5
Firepower: 140/ 300 | Magazine Capacity: 9/25

SIG P226

SIG P226 If you have enough cash for the upgrades, 68,000 will buy you a pistol with 480 firepower.  That’s really the only point of the SIG p226.  Note that this doesn’t take into consideration the Magnum pistols, but this is a powerful little handgun.  Also note that the SIG p226 doesn’t have any other additional perks either, and the rest of the gun’s upgrades can be maxed out at 13000.

Magnum ammo is scarce however, handgun ammo is plentiful.  If you want an everyday shooter that really packs a punch, save up for the SIG p226.

Firepower: 180 default, 480 max | Magazine Capacity: 8 default, 16 max

Beretta M93r

Beretta M93r Unusually, this weapon has its laser pointer placed over the barrel, and the grip has a folding stock for automatic fire.  The special ability cannot be upgraded, but this pistol can fire a 3-round burst.  The player msut hold down the trigger for the effect, so individual shots are still possible if low on ammo.  The full force of the burst can send enemies flying backward.

The M93R blurs the line between machine gun and handgun, using plentiful HG ammo and significantly greater stopping power per round.  A quick delivery of three fully upgraded bullets in a burst would still make for decent cumulative damage, even with no special Piercing or Critical %.  Against rank and file Majini, this is an impressive crowd-control tool, and it can also bring a whole world of hurt down on some sub-bosses.

Firepower: 179 default, 400 max | Magazine Capacity: 10 default, 30 max

Ithaca M37

Ithaca M37 The Ithaca M37 is precisely the right tool for dealing with early hordes of Majini.  It’s worth the expense of upgrading it as soon as possible, because every shell tht puts down an enemy up close is another potential Herb or bullet saved.

Taking the Capacity upgrades with each sub-chapter can be regarded as between 100-200 gratis shotgun cartridges if you stick with it on your first playthrough.  That’s assuming you manage to finish each map without reloading, but it’s the kind of thing that makes a difference.  Also, the upgrade cost only spikes towards the end.

For the Critical % to pay off, you should aim high, old RE style and use a last minute headshot on the first of the advancing crowd.  Though the M3 is a more powerful cannon when fully upgraded we haven’t noticed that the Ithaca is any less likely to perform stuns and knockbacks for buying time against sub-bosses.

Maxing out the Ithaca unlocks the Hydra.

Critical % x2
Firepower: 200/400 | Magazine Capacity: 6/25

Jail Breaker

Jail Breaker The firepower might be a little on the low side, your first M92F maxes out at 250, but the rate of fire and reload speed of the drum magazine are excellent.  You’re probably catching on that this is no ordinary shotgun.

The Jail breaker concentrates its fire into shells of plentiful, tightly packed shot, with greater distribution of hits and damage.  Close targets are practically torn apart rather than knocked back, while the shot catches watchtower snipers and granadiers with bullet force.  This increases the chance of a successful hit at range and enables you to keep sub-bosses at bay.  You also stand a be3tter chance of scores on bosses where the weak spot occupies a small hit box.

On speed runs, you can knock down enemies at a distance with the Jail Breaker and simply run past them.

Attack Range default 7/15
Firepower: 180/350 | Magazine Capacity: 5/15

Benelli M3

Benelli M3 Brute strength–that’s the M3.  It has no special perk or ability, but it makes a damned fine shotgun.  The longer barrel might seem harder to aim up close in comparison to the Ithaca, but it’s just perfect for getting right up in the face of sub-bosses who need to be stunned.

The M3 is also inexpensive to upgrade in relation to many other weapons and can be brought to its full potential shortly after acquisition.

Firepower: 300/900 | Magazine Capacity: 5/10


Hydra The Hyrda combines Attack Range and Firepower.  You may notice a respectable number of impact points after firing this weapon, which handles like a breach-loading, sawed-off shotgun, but with three barrels.

It works just like the Jail Breaker with regard to small hit boxes, enjoying the same Attack Range perk, but it’s strongest when the full force of its spread strikes close targets.  That said, the Hydra has the slowest reload time of all in its class.  It’s even held differently by the character who draws it, with a switch in camera view that can be jarring to first-time wielders.

Max out the Ithaca to unlock the Hydra.  Because of the costs involved in both unlocking and purchasing the Hydra before upgrading it, this is very much a later-in-the-game or second-playthrough weapon.

Attack Range: 7/15
Firerpower: – | Magazine Capacity: 7/15

Vz.61 Skorpion

VZ 61 Like the M92F handgun, the Vz61 starting machine-gun has a huge ultimate Capacity that effectively holds two full slots of ammo and expands the capacity of your inventory in that sense-you still need another empty slot to pick up ammo, but as soon as this is reloaded, you could carry 450 bullets in two slots.

Unlocking this gun to max and clearing all chapters unlocks the Gatling Gun.

The Critical % Hit perk means that this is an anti-personnel weapon, so spray high when supporting crowd control to increase the number of headshots scored.  This also means that it tends to be more effective in the hands of human agents, rather than AI partners who will aim for the torso.

Critical % Hit: 1/3
Firepower: 50/100 | Magazine Capacity: 50/300


Ak-47 The AK-74’s most obvious drawbacks are that it voraciously consumes bullets and is also hampered by a slow reload and low capacity.  Expect to spend a lot of your time reloading and being unable to fight for long periods.

However, each shot packs a nice punch, and reload times can be accommodated for by doing a inventory-screen reload (bring up the inventory and move ammo to your weapon slot).

Firepower: 90/250 | Magazine Capacity: 30/50


H&K MP5A5 The H&K MP5  will never have a high stopping power but it can be doubled in a very short time.  It also boasts a reasonable Capacity that won’t be testing the reload time too often.

The real boon of this model is early Piercing power–just 15,000 plus any Firepower upgrades makes this an early armor-beater for support characters, as well as being useful against shield carriers or crowds.  Consequently, it’s a contender for the best machine-gun in the game.

Piercing Level 2/4
Firepower: 60/120 | Magazine Capacity: 45/150


SIG 556 This weapon features the speediest reload of all the machine guns.

Pretty expensive for what is a relatively ordinary weapon by the time it appears, but it can be quite fun on replays and when fully upgraded, is a very effective supporting weapon in conjunction with a shotgun-wielding partner.

Firepower: 80/180 | Magazine Capacity: 40/80


Sako S75 This is a bolt-action rifle, so the sniper will lose their scope sight immediately after firing in order to load another cartridge.  The reload speed is irrelevant for the most part, as this is a slow weapon anyway.  It’s also a tactical weapon in that the zoom facilitates early scouting and looking ahead for possible dangers.

The S75 is a true marksman’s weapon in the sense that those lacking the requisite sniping skills will be frustrated by the loss of the target between shots.  In contrast for the headshot specialist it’s a complete joy to wield.  The power of this rifle is immense at such an early stage in the game, so even body shots will be sufficient to take down many ordinary targets.  The S75 remains not just competitive with the other rifles over time, but can actually be superior if its firepower is upgraded along the way.

Again, the arly weapons in each category help to expand the inventory capacity by holding so much ammo in themselves.  Capacity upgrades for the rifle are especially useful for free ammo generation as ammo is scarce at first.

Upgrading this weapon to its max unlocks the Longbow after completion of the game.

Firepower: 750/2000 | Magazine Capacity: 6/50

SVD Dragunov

SVD Dragunov The first of the semi-automatic rifles enables the sniper to take a bead and squeeze off two shots in a row if the first misses its target or a follow-up is required.  It also means that creatures with plentiful health and armor can be kept in sight from a distance without losing the target.

Upgrading actually does relatively little for the Dragunov, besides doubling firepower in the long run, and you will need your inventory for ammo storage, but that also means that it’s ‘good to go’ from the first moment you find it, at a time where both characters might fancy packing rifles.

Semi-Automatic Upgrade
Firepower: 650/1300 | Magazine Capacity: 7/18


H&K PSG-1 Despite initial similarities to the Dragunov, the special upgrade offered in the PSG-1 is the telescopic sight.  The scope magnification can be significantly boosted to aid scouting, and a bigger image in the cross-hairs means an easier headshot.

Not without its problems as you can find your zoom doing a lot of work to move in and out so that you don’t lose your target.  It’s also possible to lose your bearings if you move even slightly while you focus, but it’s still a close call between the S75’s old-school strength and the PSG-1’s technology.

Scope 0/2
Firepower: 600/1200 | Magazine Capacity: 5/15

MGL-140 – Grenade Launcher

MGL-140 There’s an interesting quirk to RE5’s Grenade Launcher.  the propelled shot pursues a straight line, not a ballistic one as you might expect, and the grenades detonate on impact.  This means that you actually need to aim your laser pointer at the floor at an advancing enemy to place the grenade’s detonation for maximum effect.

Thanks to the continuous propulsion mechanism of the rounds it shoots, the Grenade Launcher also has a small kinetic element that will cause additional physical damage independently of the type of round dispensed.  Enough to crack a tribal shield, for instance, or to shatter a previously frozen enemy.

The Grenade Launcher cannot be upgraded, or use infinite ammo after the game has cleared.  It does however feature a wide variety of rounds that can be unlocked progressively, thus making the Grenade Launcher a powerful weapon.

  • Explosive Rounds (AP: 100) – For maximum effect, aim to impact a central enemy
  • Electric Rounds (AP: 400) – Delivers a stun-effect akin to the fallen transformers or the Stun Rod
  • Acid Rounds (AP: 500) – Acid rounds can penetrate armor while the fumes and damage are sufficient to stun many opponents with a brief, spluttering knockdown
  • Nitrogen Rounds (AP: 100) – This freezes susceptible opponents for several seconds and any further blow will shatter them, making it extremely effective in cooperative attacks
  • Flame Rounds (AP: 500) – The Flame round can be used to lay down a wall of fire to slow down enemies while the players retreat and make distance
  • Flash Rounds (AP: 100) – As lethal to many mutated forms as the Flash Grenade, although the Launcher increases slot capacity from 5 grenades to 12 rounds
Caliber: NA | Magazine Capacity: 12

S&W M29

S&W M29 Capacity upgrades are recommended for the magnum types when the clip is empty, for free ammo generation as ammo for the magnums is extremely scarce.  Upgrading this weapon to its maximum unlocks the most powerful pistol in the game, costing an amazing 78,000 all in.

The S&W M29 comes in at a good time in the game, a time where you’ll want to be packing a lot of firepower, and this one doesn’t pull any punches.  With Piercing upgrades and a high firepower plus the fact that it holds more rounds than the L. Hawk and you’ll be thankful that you packed the M29 along for the ride.

Piercing: 2/3
Firepower: 1500/3200 | Magazine Capacity: 6/12


L. Hawk There’s no immediate reason to switch to the L. Hawk if you’ve worked so hard to upgrade the S&W, but fully upgraded this has a definite edge over the previous magnum in piercing abilities and a faster rate of fire, designed for tackling armored foes in the later stages of the game.  If you want to exchange shots with the Gatling Gun Majini in tight spaces, the L. Hawk should be on your wishlist.

Not to mention it’s Wesker’s favourite…

Piercing: 3/7
Firepower: 1400/3000 | Magazine Capacity: 5/8

S&W M500

S&W M500 If the size of the barrel doesn’t shout it loud enough, the Firepower stat of this gun says it all.  A potential 5000 damage with every single shot fired riding as it does on the penetrating power of the magnum weapon type.  If you want to laugh at bosses as well as sub-bosses on replays, you should unholster this hand-cannon and skip through their puny challenges.

But there is one catch, and what a catch it is!  To unlock this baby you need to fully upgrade the S&W M29 and then fork out another 119,000 to buy it.  Look on the bright side though–if you’ve amassed that kind of a fortune, you’re probably the kind of ace-player that can get by without it.  It will be a few play-throughs before any player can scrape together that kind of cash (trust us on this one).

Piercing: 2/3
Firepower 2100/5000: – | Magazine Capacity: 5/6


RPG-7 This one-shot item is a brutally straightforward piece of heavy ordinance.  Its self-propelled projectile delivers 30,000 points of damage and obliterates enemies with a direct hit.  Destructible scenery, traps and explosives within the blast radius will also be affected.  If you’re having trouble with a particular boss or monster encounter, or you just want to blast a path on a speed-run, think of this as your 10-grand ticket to an easier life.  Of course you can find them as well, if you’re lucky enough.

The Launcher has a scope with a zoom magnification for lining up long-range hits and kindly reminding you to keep your distance.  In a pinch you can raise it and fire without aiming if you’re comfortable aiming by eye.

Additionally, there is one instance where you will be able to reload the launcher with RPG rounds, but this is an exception.  This is a one-shot weapon in all other instances, so don’t miss fellas!

Firepower: 30,000 | Magazine Capacity: 1

Proximity Mine

Proximity Mine This mine can be laid on any flat surface and will immediately enter an armed state, detonating if an enemy approaches.  Once it is equipped, pressing your draw-weapon button will place the Proximity Mine at your feet in an armed state.  It can also be picked back up and moved after laying, as neither Chris or Sheva will cause it to detonate (phew!).  However, they can still get caught in the blast should another creature trigger it and they are in the blast radius.

The Proximity Mine can also be detonated remotely in the primitive sense in that it is possible to shoot one to set it off and use the blast radius to catch out an enemy who was wary of stepping on it.  You can also place it to activate another device, such as a wire trap, or just below a transformer to set up a chain reaction.

Firepower: 1500 (direct hit)/1000 blast radius | Magazine Capacity: NA


Hand Grenades Hand Grenade
AP: 500(direct hit)/500 (area of affect)

Fragmentation device, easily thrown or dropped into a crowd.  Detonates after landing and rattling to a halt.  Up to five can be carried in one slot, and a common slip is for players to endure tough battles while forgetting they’re carrying a belt of useful explosives.  Overcome this by assigning your grenades to a quick Equip (direct up, down, left or right in the Inventory Menu).

Incendiary Grenade
AP: 500(direct hit)/500 (area of affect)

As the description implies, this grenade is good for slowing down pursuers–with the implication that it is unlikely to be fatal to many creatures.  With good co-op work though, this will keep them pinned-down and injured.  Employ it at choke points such as stairwells and corridors.

Flash Grande
AP: 0 (Special)

The Flash Grenade was designed to stun and subdue enemies with a sudden flash of bright light and a concussive wave.  The effect can briefly halt or drive back crowds of Majini.  Players caught in the flash will experience a bright light and be unable to act for the duration of the light (you can still move, but unless you know where you’re going, why bother?).  In a single-player game, this will actually be resolved as a time-advancement effect in which unaffected creatures will be able to move in and prepare an attack.

But just because it has a zero attack power doesn’t mean that this grenade is worthless.  It’s actually the most powerful weapon in the game.  Certain BOWs are hyper-sensitive to light, including the most dangerous enemies in the game (Duvalia, for example).  Drop one of these babies next to them and they’re toast.

Firepower: 0/1500| Magazine Capacity: 5


Flame Thrower The Flamethrower is a one-time use device, used for one battle.  It does as its name implies and is extremely useful as a “BOW Extermination Device.”  Uroboros seems to have a particular weakness to fire.
Firepower: NA | Magazine Capacity: 100

Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun Before the Gatling’s belt-fed barrels of death can begin spitting out hot metal, there’s a small lead time on the trigger needed to start the electric motor.  You can keep it ready and revving by squeezing the trigger on and off, firing short bursts.  Against grenadiers, no thrown explosive is likely to get past the hail of bullets.  Unfortunately, the large bullet reserve is cumbersome and obscuring, with a right-side preference to viewing aim, so turn left and then draw the cannon to the right by turning clockwise until it settles on the target.  Shooting at targets from below is also much easier, and you can benefit from a co-op partner helping to direct the shots.  Like other machine-gun types, the aim is likely to drive without attention.

To obtain the Gatling Gun, you need to complete the game and max out the Vz61.

Firepower: 450| Magazine Capacity: Unlimited (that’s right, unlimited ammo)


Long Bow This archaic hunter’s weapon doesn’t have any aiming device or reticle, so you’ll be relying on keen eyes and noting the margin of each missed shot to judge the next.  The arrows follow a ballistic, so you’ll also need to aim high for long shots.  Note that you can hold the fire button to launch arrows in rapid succession.  The penetrative power and impressive damage can instantly drop Base Majini on Veteran Mode, and is extremely useful in Mercenaries.

This weapon is exclusive to Sheva, much as the Gatling Gun is exclusive to Chris.

Firepower: 1500| Magazine Capacity: Unlimited (that’s right, unlimited ammo @ 1500 AP/shot)

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