Resident Evil 5 Achievement/Trophy List

The following is a list of Achievements/Trophies for Resident Evil 5 and how to get them.  This excludes those you get for completing levels.

Recruit–Complete every chapter on the Amateur difficulty

Soldier–Complete every chapter on the Normal difficulty

Veteran–Complete every chapter on the Veteran difficulty

War Hero–Complete every chapter on the unlockable Professional difficulty

Egg hunt–Collect each type of egg (white, brown, gold, rotten) and have all four in your possession.

All Dressed Up–Purchase all costumes in the Bonus Features menu

Stockpile–Obtain all weapons available in the main game

Take it to the Max–Complete all weapon upgrades

They Belong in a Museum–Collect all 50 unique Treasures

Badge of Honour–Shoot all 30 BSAA Emblems

They’re ACTION Figures!–Purchase all 46 Figurines at the Bonus Features menu

A Friend in Need–Assist a partner in “Help” status 10 times

Lifeguard–Perform a Partner Action to save an agent in the “Dying” status 10 times

Exploding Heads–Kill 20 Majini with headshots

A Cut ABove–Defeat five enemies with your knife

Cattle Prod–Kill 30 enemies with the Stun Rod

Crowd control–Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling Gun

Bullseye–Same as Crowd Control, but using the Long-Bow

Get Physical–Kill 20 enemies with contextual melee attacks

The Works: Complete a maximum three-hit melee combo with your partner’s assistance.  One agent performs an opening punch after stunning an enemy, the other agent steps in to land a second contextual move, and the first agent forms the final attack.

Lead Asprin–Kill a Majini with a headshot while it is airborne.

Fireworks–Shoot a Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or grenade before a Majini can throw it.

Be the knife–Deflect an arrow firted by a Majini with a knife.

Meat Shower–Defeat three Majini with a single Hand Grenade or Proximity Bomb.

Go Into the Light–Kill two enemies simultaneously with a single Flash Grenade.

Ride the Lightning–Defeat a Majini by dropping an electricity transformer onto it.

Stop, Drop and Roll–Kill three Majini at once by setting oil barrels on fire.

Baptism by Fire–Kill three Majini at once by blwoing up an explosive drum or gas tank.

Masters of Removing–Awarded for saving Jill in Chapter 5-3 by using the context-action prompts to restrain her and remove the control device from her chest.  Both agents must participate in the final removal (one holding, the other pulling) to recieve this accolade in co-op games.

Bad Blood–Inflict enough damage to force Wesker to leave the battle in the Monarch room.

Drive by–Kill a truck driver during the Savanna Chase.

Egg on your Face–Kill a Majini with a Rotten Egg

Heart-Stopper–Kill a Licker with a context-sensitive stab to the heart.

Who do you Trust?–Based upon your interactions with your partner.  Get them to trust you by hitting ‘circle’

PS3 Only Platinum Trophy–Obtain all other Trophies.

Army of One–Win 30 matches in Slayers

Eye of the Tiger–Win 30 Matches in Survivors

The team that Slays Together–Win 30 Matches in Team Slayers

We Will Survive–Win 30 matches in Team Survivors

Keep the Good Times Rolling–Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers

It Takes Two to Tango–Chain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers

It’s All About the Points–Score at least 40,000 points in Slayers

There’s No “I” in Team–Score at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors

Bringing the Pain–Defeat 100 players using hand-to-hand melee attacks in Versus.

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