Resident Evil 5 Characters


Chris Redfield One of the Original Eleven co-founders of the BSAA.
Chris’s knowledge, instinct and attack power are unparalleled within the BSAA, and years of experience has given him the ability to weild a variety of weapons.

Since Umbrella’s downfall, he has fought several biological threats throughout the world, but with the the hard fought victories has also come devastating tragedies…

Height: 185cm | Weight: 98kg | Blood Type: O | Age: 35

Sheva Alomar Chris’s new partner and his West African BSAA contact. Sheva is an African navtive and was taken into protective custody after her parents died whilst working at an Umbrella factory.

Her skills in battle are formidable, and her agility is unparalleled. She is driven by her dark past to fight against bioterrorism revaging her homeland.

Height: 165cm | Weight: 52kg | Blood Type: AB | Age: 23

Plague Doctor A mysterious hooded woman is working for Excella and Wesker and has lmost superhuman powers and unique agility.

Who might this hooded figure’s true identity be?

Height: 181cm | Weight: 73kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 27

Excella Gionne The rich and elegant CEO of the Tricell pharamceutical company. She has given Wesker access to Las Plagas and research within Tricell.

Height: 181cm | Weight: 73kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 27

Leon S. Kennedy An arms dealer working through the black market who specialises in B.O.W.s and the BSAA’s only lead to the strange goings on in Kijuju.

Height: 181cm | Weight: 73kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 27

Albert Wesker Former captain of STARS and Chris’s arch-nemesis. Wesker is using Kijuju and the backing of TriCell to bring his global plans to fruition.

Height: 183cm | Weight: 73kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 49

Allyson A foreign woman who’s only reason for being in Kijuju is her boyfriend getting a job there.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age:

Reynard Fisher
A former national security agent for an African country, Fisher is now a spy for the West African BSAA. He specialises in inflitration and has set up shop in Kijuju. He is Chris and Sheva’s contact for the region and gives them their equipment when they arrive.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age: 35

Sheva’s old mentor and captain of BSAA Delta team.

HeHeight: 185cm | Weight: 98kg | Blood Type: O | Age: 35

Ozwell E. Spencer
Former CEO of Umbrella now in hiding after the company’s dissolution.

Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age: 89

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