Review: Resident Evil 5 – Lost in Nightmares DLC

The first pack of dlc for Resident Evil 5 has just been released on XBox live and will be released tomorrow on the PSN. The highlight of this download is of course Lost In Nightmares which pits the player into the role of Resident Evil all stars (ha) Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as they break into Ozwell Spencer’s European estate. What was alluded to and shown briefly in the main tale is now it’s own playable story, but does it deliver?

To those naysayers that storm Resident Evil 5 with hatred, could this be a sign that Capcom is going in the right direction? Find out below.

Resident Evil 5 Lost In Nightmares Platform: XBox Live, 400 MSPoints Release Date: XBL (Now available) PSN (2/18) This is Resident Evil at its finest. That may sound like pure hyperbole but this episode really lives up to the Resident Evil name and if this is a sign of things to come then sign me up as first in line. We all know the basic premise of this short story: Chris and Jill receive intel on Spencer’s whereabouts and its up to them to finally put an end to Umbrella for good by eliminating the head honcho.

Nostalgia is ever so present in this episode.
Right from the get go you’ll be taken back to the original Resident Evil and it’s memorable setting. And the throwbacks don’t start there. There are teases at classic scares, rooms that look just like the original Raccoon City mansion and of course the Moonlight Sonata.

Among other things of course but seeing as this is a spoiler free review, you’ll just have to see for yourselves. The game maintains the series current style of over the shoulder gunplay but it also mimics the Resident Evil of yesteryear with the lack of frequent ammunition and health and many isolated corridors and erie hallways. It is a perfect mix of Resident Evil past and present and could signify what’s to come in the future of this franchise.

So basically in true Resident Evil fashion you’ll rotate cranks, collect puzzle pieces, find keys, and of course backtrack, yes that’s right backtracking makes a return in the franchise. Fighting enemies sees an interesting twist that reminds one of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. There aren’t a multitude of enemies but there are a new form of B.O.W that stalks you throughout the game. One area towards the end even reminds one of pacman in a way. It works really well and makes you use your head instead of just the bullets in your gun. The only downside is the length. It clocks it at around an hour and a half to about two hours, it all depends on how your skill level ranks. But when you think about it in terms of length, old Resident Evil games are short as well especially if you know exactly where to go. So it’s safe to say that it’s equivalent to classic Resident Evils durations.

There is great replay value and a reasonable amount of it too.
You can collect stars ( haha ) try out other difficulties, obtain all achievements and oh. also in the main hallway of the mansion press the examine button on the door for another initiative to replay the game. And trust me, you’ll love it.

Overall, Lost in Nightmares is an extremely well made episode that adds to the overall Resident Evil 5 experience and may even rival it as well. For the low price and taking into consideration the drought of true survival horror games this is actually a blessing because it is actually scary. But you’ll just have to experience it for yourselves. And hopefully this is the path that Capcom is planning on taking with this storied franchise.
9.5 out of 10

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