Zombie / Crimson Head


The mainstay of Umbrella’s BOWs. The zombie was the primary goal of the T-virus. It moves relatively slowly searching for living flesh to feast on. Their main weapon is their teeth. After a long period of time the necrotising effects of the virus break down the body until it begins to fall apart, decreasing the BOW’s potential risk. The proper procedure for disabling a zombie is to damage its muscles enough so that they can no longer function or to sever its spinal cord to prevent nerve impulses reaching the muscles, otherwise you risk it becoming a more powerful Crimson Head. This usually takes a few weeks to occur. The most dangerous aspect of this BOW is the rate of infection. It only takes a small transference of blood or saliva to infect another person.

Crimson Head

The second stage of the zombie. If a zombie is severely injured, but has not actually had its spinal cord severed then the cells will start to repair themselves. Under extreme pressure the body can make mistakes when replicating DNA strands. This leads to mutations much like radiation sickness. But as the T-virus is now incorporated into the RNA of the host, the mutations are more controlled and much more aggressive. After a long period of time subjects have regenerated enough tissue to be able to move again. They also begin to develop claws and the skin becomes a distinctly crimson hue. Muscle mass is greatly increased and some higher brain functions are restored. This gives these BOWs enough coordination to be able to run. Their claws are far more effective than the rudimentary zombie’s teeth. Decapitation is necessary to permanently disable it.

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