The Hunter is one of Umbrella’s most successful BOWs. It is easily identifiable due to its reptilian appearance. It is created when the T-virus is directly introduced into human DNA through gene therapy. Reptilian DNA is also added. Consequently, the Hunter is far more expensive and takes longer to create than some of the simpler BOWs. All hunters possess incredible speed and agility. Their strength is matched only by their ferocity. Hunters use their claws and teeth when attacking.

MA 121 Alpha

In conjunction with the research being done by Dr. James Marcus. After the Training Facility This was the first type of Hunter created. Research on this BOW started at the Umbrella Training Facility was shut down research was moved to the nearby Arkley Labs. Its standard attack patterns include claw swipes. If it is allowed a run-up the hunter will jump and use the downward momentum to inflict tremendous damage on the upper body. This usually results in a severed main artery, or in extreme cases, decapitation. Low calibre weapons have little effect on it. Explosives or guns with high muzzle-velocities are the optimum weapons to use when killing one of these creatures. Research is still being carried out on this BOW

MA 121 Beta

This variant was created in labs at Raccoon City. It is similar in every way to the MA-121 apart from the visible muscle tissue on its shoulders. Unfortunately this results in it being much easier to kill if you target the upper body. This is compensated by its increased agility as combat data has shown this BOW to be much harder to target in close-quarter battles. Due to its poor performance in the Raccoon City incident, research on this BOW was abandoned.

MA 124 Gamma

This variant was created in labs underneath the Raccoon City hospital. It is far more amphibious in appearance and also possesses increased agility. This Hunter also uses claw swipes, but instead of the standard decapitation move that is synonymous with all other Hunters, it prefers to swallow its victims whole. It has slightly stronger resistance to small arms fire than the MA-121 Beta, but it still performed poorly and no further research has been carried out.


A rarer and much more deadly variant, this Hunter is purple in appearance. It is exactly the same as the MA-121 Alpha except it is more resistant to small arms fire and has the ability to poison victims with its claws. This extremely rare BOW has only been sighted during the Rockfort Island attack. A single Sweeper was spotted during the Mansion Incident, it was believed to be a prototype. This sighting supports the theory that Captain Albert Wesker is responsible for most research on Hunters. The Sweepers used in the Rockfort Island attack belonged to HCF and Wesker is believed to have used his research on Hunters as leverage when agreeing to work for HCF. Any Umbrella research relating to Sweepers was destroyed in the Mansion Incident, meaning Wesker is the sole owner of all Sweeper combat data. Thanks to Wesker’s continued research HCF is now in possession of the most advanced forms of Hunters.

Hunter Seeker

This BOW represents the pinnacle of all research on Hunters. It possesses all the strengths of the MA-121 Alpha and the agility of the MA-121 Beta. This is one of the only BOWs that can differentiate between friendly and enemy forces. The Hunter-Seeker works in conjunction with small mobile motion sensors. Small and inconspicuous, when one of these sensors is tripped the target is illuminated with a beam and radio signals activate an implant inside the Hunter sending it into a rage. The Hunter’s enlarged eyes suggest more genetic alterations and/or implantations have been carried out. It is thought that the Hunter’s eyes have been altered to see into the ultraviolet spectrum. The motion sensor then projects a UV light beam onto the victim making it an obvious target. Two theories have been postulated on how the Hunter’s behaviour is controlled. Both believe that the Hunter have an altered cerebrum resulting in its ability to refrain from killing every living thing in sight. The first theory suggests that an implant is triggered by the motion sensor, causing a release of an adrenal based substance directly into the creature’s bloodstream, resulting in sending the Hunter into a frenzy. This is unlikely though as it would require a major operation on the creature every time the implant needed to be refilled or replaced. The second theory suggests that the motion sensor activates an implant within the Hunter’s brain. This implant directly stimulates the cerebrum, inducing a state of rage into the Hunter. Despite the fact that it would require extremely difficult surgery to place the implant into the creature’s brain, it would result in a much more reliable BOW.

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