William Birkin (5 forms)


The G-virus was discovered by Dr William Birkin in the Arkley labs on July 1st 1988. The Arkley labs had obtained a sample of the rare NE-Alpha and were testing it on a specimen, Lisa Trevor, when the parasite was mysteriously absorbed into her body. The parasite incubated in Lisa’ boy for a total of twenty one years before “evolving” into the G-virus. Birkin worked on it for a further ten years in the Raccoon City labs until he managed to successfully synthesise the first sample. The G-virus gives increased strength, speed and regenerative rates. The only way to do this is to increase the subject’s metabolic rate, which increases the rate at which cells divide. Unfortunately the body is not able to keep up and mistakes are made in the new cells’ DNA, similar to the effects of radiation sickness. Due to the incorporation of the virus’s RNA sequence this causes a cascade mutation effect, where violent mutations occur until the subject’s body breaks down. An infected subject will also search for hosts with similar genes to implant with G-Embryos. Infection causes subjects to become as strong as any Tyrant.

Dr. William Birkin

Birkin joined Umbrella when he was just sixteen. He carried out research on many of Umbrella’s viruses before starting research on the G-virus. During this time he married and even had a child. In 1998 Birkin finished research on the G-virus and was hoping to use the success to get a position on the executive board of Umbrella. He also became increasingly obsessed and paranoid about nobody gaining control over the G-virus research. Spencer wanted to prevent Birkin from gaining any influence in Umbrella and decided he had outlived his usefulness now that the G-virus was complete. Ironically, Birkin was assassinated for the exact same reasons and in the exact same manner as his predecessor, Dr James Marcus.

Mutation 1

After being shot Birkin injected himself with the G-virus. The effects were instantaneous and caused his whole body to mutate, including a Tyrant-like claw on his left arm. He promptly slaughtered the USFU team sent to kill him, leaking the T-virus in Raccoon City’s sewers in the process.

Mutation 2

After suffering substantial injuries a large aggressive mutation was induced. A new cranium was formed encased in dense bone matter. Muscle mass and claw size also increased. Two new forearms protruded from his stomach

Mutation 3

The forearms have fully developed and Birkin’s entire body is encased in armour similar to that of advanced Lickers. The new cranium is also more fully developed. His long reach makes him a formidable opponent.

Mutation 4

The cascade mutation effect causes Birkin’s body to fall lower down the evolutionary ladder, reverting to a sextupedal form. The powerful arms now serve as leg making Birkin capable of leaping twenty foot into the air. The claws have suffered a huge growth spurt forming a dense cluster round the mouth; perfect for impaling its enemy. There is no longer any humanoid resemblance left.

Mutation 5

After suffering multiple wounds and going though several rapid aggressive mutations Birkin’s DNA begins to break down under the stress and his body becomes a huge amorphous blob. Its sheer mass is its greatest weapon making it very difficult for any firearms to have any effect on it. Birkin was killed in when one of Umbrella’s trains self-destructed. Teams from HCF recovered the body.

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