Resident Evil 3 Remake Screenshots Leak: Drain Deimos & More

Another day, another massive Resident Evil 3 Remake leak. This latest one is comprised of a treasure trove of screenshots, all apparently from European gaming news outlet GamerGen (who has not officially released them). While we won’t be hosting the images, you can view them all via this link.

The two biggest takeaways from this leak are our first looks at Drain Deimos and something else. The Drain Deimos look great, situated in what appears to be some sort of hive (which we’ve speculated as being housed inside the Electrical Substation). Drain Deimos, in the original RE3, were a mid-tier monster that served as a step-up from zombies; harder to kill, and dishing out a lot more damage. This new interpretation of them, which is the first time they’ve appeared in anything since the original RE3, is much beefier around the middle from the looks of it. The original Drain Deimos could walk on walls, but also stand up on their hind legs (similar to the Reaper enemies from RE5) so here’s hoping they retain that freaky-looking ability.

The other monster shown off here has caused quite a stir among fans as… well, nobody is 100% sure what the hell they are. Bulbous and albino (save for some puss-dripping blisters), these beasts appear to stand on two thick legs and swing a tail behind. Their chilling, alien-like grin splits apart into a segmented set of jaws to leap at Jill and latch onto her. Due to the mouth, some fans have suspected some new variation on Gravedigger, or perhaps a beefed-up Sliding Worm — a boss and classic enemies from the original RE3. Others have latched onto the idea that this is the new look for the Hunter γ (aka Froggers) for Resident Evil 3 Remake. For the moment, until Capcom confirms something one way or another, I’m not so sure these things even are a returning creature. Froggers have a very specific look to them, being bipedal blue frogs with long arms and giant mouths. This design would be a radical shift for them, leaving behind… well, pretty much everything save for being basically just a mouth on legs. That isn’t to say that the idea of them being a redesign for the Froggers isn’t out of the question (I’d welcome it, personally), considering REmake 2‘s redesigns.

While the grand majority of REmake 2‘s monsters remained at the very least recognizable as what they had originally appeared as, the creature that received the biggest overhaul were Plant 43s, aka Ivies. Shifted from flower-faced plant people to something more akin to the plant-infested zombies from Outbreak File #2, it was a striking change that’s different from any of the other re-interpretations found in the game. Resident Evil 3 Remake choosing to overhaul one of the enemies as well isn’t that crazy of an idea, and if there’s any single enemy in the game that could have really used a re-tooling, it would be the Frogger. Again, however, we simply won’t know until Capcom tells us.

Outside of those two creature reveals, the rest of the screenshots show off some more of Raccoon City, fighting Nemesis, some Resident Evil: Resistance gameplay (set in the casino and amusement park areas they recently showed off) and a bunch of concept art. The bright and colorful city streets are still a joy to look at, and the few shots facing down Nemesis are intimidating as hell — we even get a really clear look at his new flamethrower. The Jack the Ripper area of the amusement park in Resistance is fun to see, and it makes me hopeful there’ll be a good variety to that map. We’ve now seen both that and ‘Mummy’ areas for the amusement park, fingers crossed for an ironic zombie apocalypse area or maybe just a good old fashioned Dracula’s castle.

That’s all for now — but remember, Resident Evil 3 Remake releases April 3rd (which is only 40 days away now!) on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. Odds are good a new trailer is right around the corner (the last one was over a month ago) considering how little time we have left before release. Fans remain hopeful that we’ll be getting a demo sometime soon, which would line up with previous releases. In case you were unaware, nearly every numbered RE has had a demo you could play at home, and if Resident Evil 3 Remake bailed on it, it’d be only the fourth game to do so.

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