Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Launch Trailer Released

If you haven’t followed the Wolfenstein 2 marketing campaign, you’re missing something special indeed. Wolfenstein 2‘s social team has not been afraid to be topical. The Wolfenstein series is unabashedly about killing Nazis, which is, of course, a step above punching them. In a political climate where the US president finds moral equivalency between white supremacists and an innocent hit-and-run victim, the manner in which Wolfenstein 2 can show its true colours (see what I did there?) is refreshing to say the least.

Think Duke Nukem with a conscience. The action, at least by the trailer, looks fast and frenzied, and I’m not sure I could play it for very long without getting a bit of motion sickness. However, I will seek this out and attempt to play on “Easy.” Not because taking a stand is easy – it’s not – but because we should have fun with video games while we still can in this post-apocalyptic world of ours.

The first game, Wolfenstein: The New Order received a 8.5 score from our own CJ Melendez, who remarked that he was pleasantly surprised by the “quality action, emotional story, and likable characters.” Sequels are doing well this October, with Jordan Leendertsen finding that The Evil Within 2 vastly improved upon the flaws of its predecessor. Let’s hope the trend continues for this deserving title.

YouTube video

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