Tokyo Dark Kickstarter raises over 500% of funding goal - Rely on Horror

Tokyo Dark Kickstarter raises over 500% of funding goal

Tokyo Dark

Mysteries, horror, and questions of morality; the upcoming visual novel Tokyo Dark supposedly has it all and clearly people were excited for it. Today the kickstarter campaign for the game ended with $225,386 raised. Keep in mind, the team only asked for $40,000.

This is an amazing achievement and many awesome stretch goals were reached because of this. Three extra chapters will be included in the final game: Suicide Forest in which we discover a character’s backstory while exploring an ominous forest, Kabukicho in which the mystery leads protagonist Ayami Itō into a red-light district, and Akihabara in which the detective heads into the titular city district where otaku wander and moe decides the law. Other features that were unlocked include Japanese voice-acting (with support for fansubs), New Game+, and Full Motion Video segments. However, a stretch goal for English voice-acting wasn’t reached.

A demo for the game will be available in early 2016 for those who backed the game. For a more detailed information on the gameplay and story, I recommend checking out our earlier post about Tokyo Dark.


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