The Glass Staircase – PS2-Style Horror Game Announced for Consoles

The Glass StaircaseThe Glass Staircase, a short-form old-school psychological horror game from Puppet Combo arrives on all consoles on Friday, May 24th.

Taking place sometime after 1922, the game takes place in a dilapidated estate converted into an orphanage where four girls attempt to survive long enough to complete their chores and find a new home.

Rather than focusing on grotesque slasher horror, The Glass Staircase is a surreal and atmospheric game.

You take control of the girls as they navigate the horrors of a orphanage. Each day, they’re given tasks to complete but it quickly becomes clear that it is anything but routine for them. Unknowable horrors have punctuated the history of the house, and the girls about to learn about them the hard way.

The Glass Staircase

Originally released in 2019, The Glass Staircase is a fan favorite from the horror masters at Puppet Combo, creators of Murder House and Stay Out of the House.

The game is inspired by classics of the survival horror genre like Silent Hill 2 for PS2 and Eternal Darkness for the GameCube, as well as classic ‘80s Italian Giallo horror movies, such as The Beyond, House by the Cemetery, and Suspiria.


  • Classic tank controls
  • Fixed angle cameras
  • Selectable graphical styles (retro and less retro)
  • Existential horror
  • Surreal atmosphere

Players can customize their experience by choosing from a variety of control styles, graphical modes, and CRT effects, allowing them to go for the classic lo-fi experience or something more modern.

The Glass Staircase releases on May 24th for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and Switch.

You can view the console launch trailer for the game below.

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