PS2 Horror-Inspired ‘The Glass Staircase’ Out Now

Fans of modern indie horror games will no doubt already be familiar with the work of Puppet Combo. In the last few years, Puppet Combo has made a name for himself with a number of games that emulate the chunky, heavy polygons of the PS1 era of horror games. Most of his titles are small, able to be completed in a sitting or two, but his latest game, The Glass Staircase, looks to be a bit more substantial.

Taking more influence from PS2-era horror games instead of PS1 classics like Resident Evil, The Glass Staircase is, in the words of its creator, a homage to “PS2 survival horror and Italian zombie movies.”

From The Glass Staircase‘s page:

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen your parents, hasn’t it? Not to worry, girls. Just listen to the voice on the intercom. Do what they say. They’ve provided you a home. They’ve provided you food. They will make you into good girls.

This old house has never treated you wrong, now has it? Now be good girls, all
of you. The Master will need you to be strong during these troubling times.

Remember: Good girls take their medicine. Good girls do their chores. Good
girls go home.

With a lonely, gothic mansion and a fair female protagonist, the Italian horror influence comes through loud and clear, with the inclusion of zombies sending some particularly Fulci-esque vibes. While I haven’t had a chance to dig into The Glass Staircase just yet, Puppet Combo’s record with horror games has been sterling, and with The Glass Staircase looking to be a stab at a larger scale than his usual output, I’m excited to dig as soon as I can.

The Glass Staircase is available now on for $5.95. Be sure to check out Puppet Combo’s page while you’re there to see what other retro-inspired wonders he has to offer.

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