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The Evil Within Gets First-Person Mode And New Facelift On Game Pass For PC

Fans of The Evil Within have been waiting for over three years for any new information or content to rear its head, and now we’ve finally got our first official update for the series since February 2018.

Now that the purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft is officially complete and all of their games have been added to Xbox Game Pass, they also sneakily implemented several updates and upgrades to the game for the Game Pass version on PC.

Several features have been added to this new update to The Evil Within, including a first-person mode, new icons for sneaking in first-person mode, a FOV (Field of view) slider, an infinite ammo mode, new camera bob options, stamina adjustments, new achievements, and some improved performance/bug fixes across the board.

A first-person mode was added to The Evil Within 2 back in 2018 and adds an excellent new way to play the game by offering a very different experience than the traditional over-the-shoulder gameplay. I’m glad to finally see the feature added to the first Evil Within game. I’m starting my first-person playthrough as we speak.

These new features and modes have not been added to the Steam version, nor to the Xbox One or PS4 versions as of yet, and there’s no confirmation that they ever will be. NeitherĀ Bethesda or Tango have released any statements regarding this, so for now, these features are only available on the PC version through Game Pass, or you can purchase this version for $19.99 on the Microsoft Store. For anyone looking to revisit it, or for any newcomers who have yet to play The Evil Within, this makes the new PC version through the Microsoft Store the absolute best way to experience the game for the time being.

We saw similar “stealth upgrades” to other games when they came to Game Pass lately, including Alan Wake and Nier Automata. Both releases added tweaks and upgrades that other versions did not receive.

This may be a trend going forward for when older games find their way onto Microsoft’s Game Pass service, which gives the developers a chance to revisit and make updates to a game that they’d previously moved on from. It’s a great opportunity for devs to add some extra touches of care for potential new audiences.

Stay tuned for any further updates on these features hitting any other consoles or any news of the series being continued that may come our way.

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