The Cooperative Horror Game GTFO Will Have Steam Early Access Soon


The ingredients of GTFO makes it a worthy title to pay attention to if you like first-person shooting and cooperative games. 10 Chambers Collective presents a game with procedural scenarios, where terror, puzzles, and fighting go hand in hand. Up to four players will be able to collaborate together, and it will be available soon in the Steam Early Access phase. Now you can enjoy a new explanatory video where they explain the mechanics of Rundown.

YouTube video

In GTFO, you adopt the role of a team of looters. Your steps will lead you to a chilling place invaded by even more creepy creatures. The action of the game takes place in underground, suffocating scenarios, where you will have to cooperate with your partners to find resources, solve the obstacles that get in your way, and seek the exit to freedom.

Simon Viklund, the composer of the 10 Chambers Collective team and narrator of the new video, points out the following:

Each work order in Rundown represents an expedition to a different part of the Complex, where the environment, the amount of monsters and the goal, as well as other conditions, can be very different, offering diverse gaming experiences.

Rundown is what makes cooperation between players fundamental. When your countdown is over, the objectives of the game changes. In addition to maintaining a dynamic game system where players do not always do the same things, it also motivates users to collaborate with each other to achieve the main objectives. In addition, Viklund points out that the studio plans are to continue supporting the game for a long time.

The aim of the Early Access phase will be to collect comments from players about the Rundown system, in order to polish the game experience. It is expected that GTFO Early Access will be available in late 2019 through Steam, where you can find more details of the game.


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