New Trailer Explains WTF is GTFO


10 Chambers Collective, developers of horror co-op shooter GTFO, don’t want you to think that their game is cool just because of its name alone. This week they have revealed our best look yet at this new multiplayer shooter via a developer video.

Created by a team of Payday veterans, GTFO is said to be aimed toward “hardcore” gamers. Co-op will be very important as four-players try and survive against monsters in an underground complex. An entity called The Warden acts as a puppet master, forcing these characters to face challenges. This team will comprise of characters with their own personalities and will feature a considerable amount of dialogue to give them some depth. GTFO‘s story will be episodic in nature, expanded through free game updates. As for its setting, GTFO will pay homage to Alien and other sci-fi classics.

GTFO is poised to be an interesting mix of Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, and Alien Colonial Marines (if it was good). I’m crossing my fingers that when GTFO releases in Spring on Steam, it provides some great thrills. We need at least one horror game from former Payday team members to entertain us.

YouTube video

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