The Conjuring House Terrifies In New Trailer After Year Long Absence

The wait is over, everyone! We finally have new a trailer for The Conjuring House! It’s been a year since we’ve heard from RYM Games, but my goodness does this game look terrifyingly promising! This paranormal game is set in an abandoned Victorian mansion with a dark past that you, an intrepid journalist, will unearth. There are shades of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Layers of Fear here, especially with the trailer’s first-person camera perspective and color palette. RYM Games has promised an “immersive experience” with an “oppressive atmosphere” that will surely have us on edge throughout.

The trailer is certainly intriguing. Its protagonist uses a very fancy ouija board to contact the spirit of Aldwin Atkinson. Post-seance a modicum of ghostly tropes occurs thereafter. Furniture and lights move about and flicker with paranormal creepiness, while the table top candle flickers to life. The setting and mood is further set with thunder and lightning as you slowly peruse the hallways. The game designers have a keen eye for detail, with lighting and shadow used to great effect to add further ambiance. As you further navigate the labyrinthine house, some of the mechanics of the game are revealed, with an emphasis on exploration as you walk across exposed beams and belly-crawl through dusty attic space. A rat even scampers by to say hello.

The Conjuring House appears to have taken some time away to polish what’s sure to be an incredible experience. I certainly can’t wait to explore every nook and cranny they’ve created and discover what in heaven (or hell?) is going on inside. This is a nice treat prior to the usual horror rush during the month of October. We’ll keep you posted about its exact release date in September. What are your thoughts on The Conjuring House? Are you ready for another chilling single player exploration game à la Amnesia? We certainly are. (And yes, I’ll be playing with the lights on.) 

YouTube video

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