TGS 2014: Kojima Productions considering episodic format for Silent Hills?

By way of Gamespot, we’re learning that during the Konami showcase panel at TGS, the team behind the upcoming Silent Hills has been considering going for an episodic (or seasonal) approach to the game. Apparently, Kojima Productions is looking at the scheduled structure of television seasons and considering applying that to the game. However, these ideas are just being considered and nothing has been set in stone as of yet.

As evidence by the new concept video released, Silent Hills‘ development must still be in the early stages and some ideas on how the project will go forward have not been finalized. It was reported that Kojima Productions was unsure of the game’s perspective, with them said to be mulling over first, third, or both perspectives for the final game.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of cutting down a game for the sake of episodic release. It can be done well (as seen in TellTale’s games), but other times it can feel forced and almost trendy – especially if it’s episodic in narrative alone and we’re left sitting there watching a “previously…” scene for something that happened literally one loading screen ago.

How do you guys feel about Silent Hills potentially being episodic? Would you rather a full release or a slow one spread across a few weeks?


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