Tether gameplay trailer released


At the beginning of the month, Freesphere Entertainment launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their sci-fi adventure Tether. Now they’ve released a nearly five-minute trailer showcasing gameplay, which fleshes out the environments we saw in the first trailer.

The game looks heavy on exploration and narrative, a bit like Gone Home. You’ll play as Lesleigh Hayes, a mother of three whose thoughts keep returning to her children and her past as she struggles with spending time away from home. Her mind will be tested aboard the UEF Sonne, which is mysteriously empty despite signs of previous life, such as half-filled coffee mugs and sodas, a pool table, and a tablet left open to a series of messages. As she explores, Lesleigh seems to be struggling to reconcile her current situation with her memories and regrets.

Tether will release in 2017 on PC, Mac, and Linux with possible VR support at launch. Check out the gameplay trailer below, and support Tether by voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

YouTube video

Disclosure: Freesphere founder Mark Gregory is one of our Patreon subscribers. This of course has no effect on our coverage of Tether, but we figured we’d tell you anyway.

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