Terminator: Resistance 'Infiltrator Mode' Released on Steam for Free

Terminator: Resistance ‘Infiltrator Mode’ Released on Steam for Free

Wow, this has not only been a long time coming but also shockingly unexpected? Reef Entertainment’s Terminator: Resistance, while clunky and a bit too easy, absolutely stole my heart earlier this year. From the shockingly passionate recreation of the Future War as depicted in the first two Terminator films to the surprisingly compelling narrative, I blew through it in sheer joy. At the time, I’d said that I “sincerely hope this game sells enough copies to warrant a sequel”, and it seems as if it must’ve sold high enough to some degree as the developer has just announced and released an all-new, free content update to the Steam version of the title. Check out the teaser:

Experience the other side of the Future War in the Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator Mode. Get under the skin of a T-800 series Infiltrator unit and proceed across a brand-new map as you gather intelligence on the Resistance, destroy key outposts…and eliminate anything standing in your way.

BECOME A TERMINATOR – Take on the role of an iconic T-800 series Infiltrator and utilize a wide variety of weaponry as you breach the defenses of the Resistance forces.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – Build up your data banks with INTEL claimed from Resistance patrols and caches to discover the locations of key enemy strongholds.

PURSUE AND DESTROY – Root out and eliminate the TECH-COM FIELD COMMANDER, but prepare carefully; should you fail in your mission, you’ll have to start again from the beginning.

COMPARE YOUR TECHNIQUE – Once you’ve completed your mission, post your score on the Steam Leaderboards to contrast your methods against others across the globe.

I’m both extremely excited and pleasantly shocked by this news, most especially that it’s free. I’m curious as to why this update will be skipping the console versions, though. My best guesses are either those versions didn’t sell well enough to warrant the expenses of applying the update to those versions as well — or that they could be holding off for a new edition on next-gen systems. I’m also curious to know how large this update is; while the description specifies a ‘new map’, that might only mean an hour or two at most of new gameplay. Either way though, I’m still very excited to try this out.

This is the first time we’ve gotten to play a Terminator (not counting Mortal Kombat 11) since 2004’s Terminator: The Redemption, which I adore, so I’m very excited to try this mode out. I’ll give it a spin and get back to you all soon!

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