Tattletail™ releases on Steam

Tattletail™ releases on Steam


Tattletail™, a new indie horror game from equally fresh developer Waygetter Electronics has just launched along with a very creepy trailer (below). Themed with a late-90s toy aesthetic in mind, the game puts you into the role of a kid during Christmas 1998 (same year as the release of the Furby) who gets into a rather sinister situation over the course of several nights.

While played in first person and involving animatronics, early impressions of this title make it stand out differently than a typical FNAF or other survive-the-night styled game. You’ll have to manage the needs of your annoying toy friend as well as avoid the reportedly recalled “Mama Tattletail” toy in this story-based affair. Tattletail™ will run you $4.99 for its one-two hour experience.

The game is available for both Mac and Windows on Steam.

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