Silent Hill 2 Remake’s James Sunderland Gets a Welcome Makeover

Silent Hill 2

When Konami officially announced the Bloober Team-developed Silent Hill 2 remake in October 2022, fans were less than enthused with the appearance of the game’s protagonist, James Sunderland. Well, now it looks like the face that launched a thousand angry videos has gotten a much-needed makeover.

Recently, users noticed an update to the Silent Hill 2 remake’s Steam page (via SteamDB), which changed the Steam icon, revealing a modified look for James. The changes are subtle but feel more in line with the original character model from the original SH2.

Silent Hill 2X (formerly Twitter) users have had a mostly positive reaction to the character’s updated look, with user @SurvivorNo0322 saying, “James looking normal, guiltless, & resent-less will make the character development more impactful.”

The updated Steam image can only be found as part of this new update, while the game’s public Steam page still displays the image of James that was initially revealed when the game was announced in 2022.

The Silent Hill 2 remake has yet to get a release date, however, recent rumors suggest it could make a big appearance at Sony’s event this May/June.


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