Silent Hill 2 is Rated M, Could Appear at PlayStation Event

Silent Hill 2 remake: James Sunderland about to hit a monster with a bat.

When we last checked in with the remake of Silent Hill 2, rumors suggested it was aiming for a May release. Obviously, we can’t say for certain whether that’s true or not, as we haven’t had confirmation. However, it surely can’t be far away now, and it’s possible the game could be making an appearance at an upcoming PlayStation event.

According to Jeff Grubb in the latest Giant Bomb episode (and reiterated on Twitter/X), Silent Hill 2 has recently been rated M by the ESRB, noted for its depictions of violence. On top of this, Grubb says there’s a “PlayStation something” happening next month, where the remake could make an appearance. Whether this will be State of Play or some other showcase can’t be said at this stage.

According to the ESRB website, the rating does check out, and we can assume it’s for the remake as it specifically mentions the PlayStation 5 platform. As for the potential showcase, we’ll just have to wait and see what Sony and/or Konami has to say about whether the game itself will be there.

With Layers of Fear and The Medium‘s Bloober Team at the helm, every horror gamer is wondering whether the remake of the iconic Silent Hill game will live up to expectations. Since Konami brought the series back, it’s not been looking too good. The interactive experience Ascension received a pretty poor reception, and Short Message has been met with a general “meh.”

However, with all these speculations and insider knowledge, a release date for SH2 is surely imminent. We’ve waited long enough, but the question is, will it be worth it in the end?

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