Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumour Hints at May Release

Silent Hill 2 RemakeAccording to a post on UK games site GameCentral, the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake could hit retail in late May.

Polish developer Bloober Team’s remake of the fan-favorite sequel has been highly anticipated since it was officially announced in October 2022. No date has yet been set for the game’s release but last week, the game turned up on the South Korean age rating website, which generally indicates a game’s imminent release.

Recently, Mexican retailer Sanborns listed the release date as May 30th. The listing might be a placeholder but those are usually set on the last day of the month or a day the game clearly won’t be released, like a Sunday. May 30th falls on a Thursday this year, which could be the actual release date.

That date has since been removed from the site, but it’s unclear if that makes it more or less accurate. Sometimes retailers get inaccurate listings or info ahead of time to encourage pre-orders but historically age rating listings are a good indicator of a game’s forthcoming release.

We’ll keep you posted on whether this Silent Hill 2 remake release rumor pans out, and what we can expect from pre-orders once they’re officially announced.


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