Switch on Horror with Layers of Fear: Legacy

Layers of Fear: Legacy is coming to Nintendo Switch, joining a robust library of games on the system. Legacy is the revamped version of Bloober Team’s tense psychological horror about a painter driven to madness by his drive for perfection. Remastered and redesigned for mobile gaming, Layers of Fear: Legacy stands to benefit from a fresh coat of paint. The Switch’s 720p screen is a boon, allowing mobile players to experience the visually striking game in all its glory. DLC content Layers of Fear: Inheritance is included with Legacy as well, maximizing the amount of time players can spend wandering the halls in search of madness greatness.

We were impressed with Layers of Fear when it first released, giving it 7.5/10 stars. Bloober Team honed their skills after its release, launching similar psychological horror >Observer in 2017 to a 9/10 review and consideration for our Horror Game of the Year. With the razor-sharp focus on their particular brand of horror, we can assume that this redesign of Layers of Fear refines the experience and smooths over the few rough edges in the original release. Maybe this will be the year Bloober Team finally nabs that award, making us see the same scares through fresh eyes.

Layers of Fear: Legacy will be available on the Nintendo e-shop for $19.99 beginning February 21st.

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