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Surreal Horror Asemblance Creeps Onto XBox One

Asemblance is a strange, surreal horror. Players are thrown into the role of someone desperately searching through holographic simulations of their own memories, looking for clues about the disaster they awoke in- a semblance of normalcy. Things go a bit sideways, though, and nothing is as it seems.

Originally released on PS4 and PC in 2016, Asemblance appeals to a very specific crowd. The community of players who stuck with its hidden, intricate puzzles worked together to make small strides in each level. Eventually, different players found each critical event trigger and the first episode was solved. Since its completion, the community has gone silent, though the videos and guides to each of the more difficult puzzles are still readily available online. While there is no Episode 2 just yet, the team at NiLo has been hard at work on development. While players wait, they’ve quietly dropped Asmeblance onto XBox One, launching today.

While we reviewed Asemblance well, it is worth noting that players looking for action or straightforward puzzles will not enjoy this game. The episode is a study in nuance, leaving some players unhappy with their experience. For those who enjoy intellectually challenging content, though, Asemblance is a rare treat.

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