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SUCCUBUS Introduces New Enemies in Trailer, Updates Agony with Free Content


SUCCUBUS is an Agony spin-off and Madmind Studios continue to show more details about the game. On this occasion, the studio has released a trailer where they show you a new enemy character called “Cherub.”

Cherub is a demon who, like the iconic Onoskelis, can wield fire. Using pyrokinesis, he tries to keep the right distance from the player to minimize the risk of direct contact, which usually ends fast and brutal. Cherub is not a character who prefers an honorable duel, which is why he usually appears in numerous groups, trying to encircle his victim.

In SUCCUBUS, players will play the demonic priestess of lust, Vydija, whom you already may have met in both the original Agony and Agony UNRATED. Your protagonist is a kind of demon motivated by lust, who will use her powers to take revenge on her enemies.

Madmind Studios also announced the publication of a free update for Agony UNRATED, which is now available on Steam. Thanks to this patch, players will be able to meet the Cherub and take a look at this new enemy. In addition, the studio pointed out that they do not rule out enriching the content of their already released games with further free updates.

SUCCUBUS will be available on PC through Steam. We are still waiting for a confirmed release date. If you’d like to learn more about what motivates developer Madmind Studio to create such provocative titles, check out our interview with them here.

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