Here’s a New Trailer for Succubus – a Somehow More-Sexual Spin-Off to Agony

Madmind Studio is back with another gore-filled, nudity-laden surreal journey to Hell in their new trailer for Succubus, a spin-off to the iconic and infamous horror title Agony. This time around the game’s focus is on protagonist Vydija – a lusty demon who first got her start in the original game.

The newly released trailer opens on an apocalyptic cityscape besieged by hellfire and giant demons. A lone female figure swoops by the window of a skyscraper and into the viewfinder of a recording camera. Suddenly, a dark portal opens up, flinging the camera and its hapless operator down into the pits of hell. When the camera resumes recording, it is greeted by the site of Vydija, the newly chosen Queen of Hell, who does what any fashionable demon would do, she starts taking selfies.

We don’t know very much about Succubus‘ story or gameplay yet, but you can count in it being just as obscene and objectional as the original Agony was. Anyone interested can check out more details on the game’s Steam page and stay connected with the damned directly via Vydija’s own Twitter account. Apparently, not even the flames of hell are enough to keep the dark forces of social media at bay.

YouTube video

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