Silent Hill: The Gallows Fan-Game Pretty Much Ports Downpour to PC

I originally thought Silent Hill fan-game Silent Hill: The Gallows had been shut down by Konami after I saw videos and images of it sans download link, but I was wrong. A Russian Indie DB user who goes by “Indie(RU)” silently resumed development back in April and has been working on turning out his Silent Hill: Downpour inspired fan-game. Well, inspired is a bit too weak of a word. Indie(RU) has pretty much ported Silent Hill: Downpour to PC, bringing over assets, animations, sounds and the character controller wholesale. The game looks and feels like Silent Hill: Downpour proper albeit with questionable — and wonky — fan-made design decisions. Dead dogs everywhere isn’t scary, man.

Silent Hill: The Gallows is a free fan-game that stars Downpour‘s Murphy Pendleton. The present demo build is labeled version 1.10 and is available for download here. Indie(RU) will resume development in September or later. There’s no telling if or when Konami may shut this down, so keep an eye on the project.

Heck, if one guy can port over aspects of Downpour on his own, a full Window PC port (as we learned was in development at one point) would probably take a small team a couple of months to make. There’s a next to zero chance Konami will bother with that, though.


YouTube video

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