Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Writer’s Next Game Inspired by David Lynch

Project Ambrosio

Developer Half Mermaid Productions and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories writer Sam Barlow continue work on their David Lynch-inspired videogame, entitled Project A███████, recently teasing some interesting new tidbits about the title on Twitter.

Project A██████ (or Project Ambrosio, un-redacted version of the title as discovered on the game’s Steam discussion page) is a game inspired by Twin Peaks and heavily based on the adjoined 1992 film Fire Walk with Me. Via a lengthy Twitter thread, the developer posted many of the visual and written inspirations fueling Project Ambrosio. At this time, there’s no further information about the length of the game, its playable characters, or whether it’s a walking-simulator/VR-style experience.

Half Mermaid Productions seems absolutely enamored with the visual language of Lynch as expressed here:

Most filmmakers string together a logical sequence of images to tell a story. At his most electric, Lynch plays like the Surrealists, smashing images together to create something new.

Stay tuned for further news about this intriguing and mysterious new game!

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