Silent Hill x Vampyre Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Announced

Silent Hill x Vampyre Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

Given the impending release of the Silent Hill 2 Remake, which Vampyre Cosmetics holds a license for, the makeup company recently released pre-orders for their metal makeup brush set inspired by Silent Hill enemy designs.

Last year, we covered the full Silent Hill x Vampyre Cosmetics collection, of which these new metal make up brushes are an integral part. The brushes are set to be shipped out on May 1st and cost $44.99.

On the Vampyre Cosmetics website, the product description reads as follows:

KONAMI, the Tokyo based video game giant, confirmed their remake of the SILENT HILL franchise favorite SILENT HILL 2 in October of 2022. Vampyre Cosmetics is excited to announce the first part of their officially licensed makeup collection featuring imagery from across the iconic SILENT HILL Franchise.

Product Specs:

  • These luxurious brushes are made from a metal alloy and synthetic bristles.
  • If you include non-pre-order items in your order, they will ship separately.
  • Updated images and videos will be added during production.
  • Estimated ship date MAY 1st

The collaboration involves makeup products themed around the dark and unsettling aesthetic of Silent Hill, featuring shades and packaging inspired by iconic elements from the game series, such as Pyramid Head, the Nurses, and other characters.

While finalized packaging and product photos of the brushes will likely be released closer to May, you can pre-order the product now as well as order other products in the collaboration, including a Pyramid Head eyeshadow palette.

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