Silent Hill DLC Trailer for Dark Deception Finally Releases, Looks Uhhhhhh

Silent Hill DLC Trailer for Dark Deception Finally Releases, Looks Uhhhhhh

While we hadn’t covered it yet, Silent Hill has actually had a new appearance on the horizon for quite some time now. No, not the multi-multi-multi-leaked and hinted at series revival, but a new DLC for another non-Konami multiplayer game — Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals. We’ve never covered the game, flying a bit below our radar. Since its release to Steam last year, it’s already gotten a DLC pack based on the indie game Monstrum, and now they’re getting an all-new pack based on Silent Hill! This was announced a while back, but we never got the chance to cover it; now that there’s a trailer, it seems like the perfect time! Check it out:

O…oh. After the very high-profile release of Dead by Daylight‘s Silent Hill DLC, it seemed like Silent Hill‘s efforts to break back into the public eye was at least settled on a certain bar of quality. Without trying to sound too harsh, this trailer makes it seem like maybe the license is just cheap (especially after looking at the shockingly low player base on Steam). Nobody on staff has played Dark Deception, so we’ll withhold judgment on the actual game until played, but it’s hard to deny that memories of the Silent Hill pachinko machine aren’t popping up while watching. The DLC itself is quite expansive either way, with a ton of work put into trying to cram in as much as possible.

A section of Silent Hill 1‘s version of the town (including at least the exterior of Midwich Elementary) has been modeled as the new map, with Pyramid Head, Nurses, Air Screamers, and Robbie. Mortal players can pick between Heather (complete with alt Princess Heart costume) and Cybil (complete with, weirdly enough, her movie costume alt), and it seems like they’ve at least created a few covers of classic Silent Hill tracks (the trailer uses a new cover of Claw Finger and Until Death) as well as a bunch of sound effects from the first game as well, such as the radio static and siren. I appreciate the effort, at the very least.

The new DLC launches this Tuesday (the 23rd), and will only be available for a limited time. We’ll be giving our thoughts when it releases!

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