Silent Hill 2 Figma Figures To Re-Release Next Year

Pyramid Head

I’m a sucker for video game merchandise, and the Figma figurines of Pyramid Head and the Bubble Head Nurse have been on my shopping list for a while now. Thankfully, anyone in the market who missed out on the initial release of this Silent Hill merch will have an additional opportunity to nab these two as GoodSmile will be re-releasing the figures next year.

Unfortunately, these figures won’t ship until August of 2021, with the pre-order period ending early this December. There is a catch, though, as the Pyramid Head and Bubble Head Nurse figures cost $83.99 and $73.99, respectively. The price point is pretty standard fare for new Figma figures, but there are much cheaper alternatives. However, if you feel inclined to secure a brand new set then you can pre-order here (Pyramid Head) and here (Bubble Head Nurse).

GoodSmiles’ upcoming re-release of these figures doesn’t mean anything in-of-itself, but I’m sure for many that this is just more fuel on the fire for hopes of a new Silent Hill game. Considering the recent port of Silent Hill 4, the new Dead By Daylight chapter, as well as the various signs of a reboot, we may actually find ourselves returning to that special place one day. We at least know that the writer of Shattered Memories is interested.

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