Silent Hill 4: The Room For PC Comes to GOG [Update]

10/2 Update: Silent Hill 4: The Room is now officially available through for $9.99.

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In the barren wasteland that is the Silent Hill property, there’s been very little official game-related news for nearly a decade, but today, we finally have something that appears to be real. The European game ratings board, PEGI, has just published an official rating for Silent Hill 4: The Room for PC, citing a tentative release date of October 2nd, 2020.

While Silent Hill 4: The Room was officially released on PC back when it launched in 2004, this new release will mark the first time the game has been available digitally. Since the prices of physical copies for PC have skyrocketed over the years, this would be a great way for fans to revisit the game legally and without emulators.

Since Konami just released several titles from their popular Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Contra series on PC through, this news isn’t too much of a shock, but is welcome nonetheless. We may get an official announcement of more Konami games headed there soon, if this rating is anything to go by.

Will the rest of the Silent Hill series also be headed to PC or will this be limited to just SH4? Is this real or just another hoax? Hopefully, we’ll know sooner rather than later.

You can view the official listing on PEGI’s website here to see it for yourself. Be on the lookout for more news tomorrow, as the European news cycle will probably hit roughly eight hours from now. We’ll keep everyone updated as soon as possible once any official announcements are made.

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