Silent Hill 1’s Cybil Bennett Cosmetic Released for Dead by Daylight


While everyone is excitedly going over new footage from TGS or waiting in anticipation for the next big reveal, Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Interactive stealth dropped an all-new cosmetic for July’s Silent Hill DLC. Cheryl Mason can now be swapped out for Cybil Bennett, the helpful (maybe a little too helpful?) Brahms police officer from the original Silent Hill (rather than her reimagined version from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories)! While this was leaked a little early when fans found her model in the last update, it’s still pretty cool to see. Check out the trailer:

Just like the Lisa and Alyssa skins for Cheryl, this is more than just a costume. Changing Cheryls’ face and voice effects, Cheryl essentially becomes Cybil, which is pretty damn cool. That of course does come with the exhausting knowledge that this cosmetic is, yet again, extremely expensive. As Cybil can only be purchased with Dead by Daylights’ premium currency, she ends up costing a whopping $15, which is 3/4ths the price of the entire game, and a dollar more than double the price of the base Silent Hill DLC. This sort of “Darth Vader” tier rip-off is one of my few genuine gripes with the game, and I can’t believe we’re still doing this sort of shit. Please stop doing this, Behavior.

Either way, the DLC is available now for purchase, so it’s up to you if Cybil is worth it. It is gratifying to see Silent Hill continue to receive content post-release, especially as rumors continue to circle the franchise like sharks in misty waters. We’ll keep you updated if anything new happens.

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